Powder coating
Environmentally friendly process
Powder coating is the most advanced, environmentally friendly process, which is increasingly used in international practice, replacing traditional solvent-based painting.

Powder coatings are superior to other types of paint in mechanical and corrosive properties with excellent decorative quality.

Areas of use
Currently, there is no industry where this technology is not used: structural elements of external and internal decoration of buildings, commercial equipment, window frames, doors, grilles, etc.

Powder coating benefits
We guarantee high physical and mechanical properties of the coating thanks to multi-stage surface preparation and European painting technology, which includes:

mechanical restoration;
chromating (or phosphating);
painting on imported equipment from GEMA, Nordson;
quality control of the coating after painting.
We paint in any color, any product with dimensions of 7000 × 2000 × 1800 mm. within 3 working days, urgent orders – 1 day in advance.

The price list for painting metal structures with powder polymer paints can be obtained by writing to us by mail

The price of painting includes loading work, surface preparation, packaging.

Discounts: depending on the volume of the order and for regular customers.

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